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Weebly Search Console Verification | The Quick and Easy Way

In this guide, we're going to walk you through how to verify your weebly site on Googles primary webmaster tool, Google Search Console.

We tried to make it super simple for you by giving steps one by one. You can do this in about 2 minutes.


1. Head to Google Search Console

To kick things off, visit the Google Search Console. Log in with the Google account you'd like to manage your Weebly site with. We prefer consolidating all sites under a primary email, but the choice is yours.

2. Use the properties dropdown to add a new property

Adding a new property in Google Search Console

3. Specify the domain name

Head over to your Weebly site, copy the URL, and insert it into the URL prefix option pane.

Entering the domain name

4. Grab the meta tag

Once you click 'Continue', a unique meta tag will be presented to you. This is critical - it verifies your ownership of the site when added to Weebly. Make sure you copy it!

Copying the meta tag

5. Access the SEO tab in the Weebly Editor

Go to the Weebly Editor and open the SEO tab.

Navigating to the SEO tab in Weebly

6. Insert the meta tag

In the SEO tab, scroll down until the "Header Code" section becomes visible. Paste the copied meta tag there. Remember to hit both "save" and then "publish" for the changes to take effect.

Adding the meta tag in Weebly

7. Confirm your changes

Return to the Google Search Console and click "Verify". If everything has been done correctly, a success notification should greet you.

Verifying the changes in Google Search Console

Congratulations, You Did It! 🙂

Verifying your Weebly site on the Google Search Console is a big stride towards successful SEO.

If you encountered any hiccups, double-check the steps to ensure no details were overlooked. It's also worth noting that Google might take a few minutes for the verification. Still having trouble? Don't hesitate to contact us via our Contact Form or X/Twitter. Even though this guide is entirely free, we still want to help you if we can.

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