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Enabling Indexguru in Google Search Console

Welcome to our step-by-step guide to setting up IndexGuru on your website for optimized Google indexation! By following these straightforward instructions, you'll unlock the power of IndexGuru's SEO capabilities and propel your website to the forefront of Google.

Step 1: Log in to Your IndexGuru Account

Begin by logging into your main IndexGuru account. It's worth noting that Google indexation is available across all plans, including our free tier! Log in here.

Step 2: Choose Auto-Indexing or Instant Indexation

Navigate to auto-indexing or instant indexation tabs. You can setup one option and it becomes available across the whole app, with auto-indexing being the fastest and most efficient method. Auto-indexing is available on our GROWTH and SCALE plans. Explore our plans.

The configuration process is seamless, with IndexGuru handling all technical aspects for you. Simply click "Setup" to begin.

Step 3: Create a Project

IndexGuru will generate a custom project to your website's needs, allowing you to index up to 200 different URLs per day per website. Free users have a limit of one URL per day. Upgrade your plan for more indexing capabilities.

Click "Create Project" and wait briefly for the setup to complete.

Step 4: Add Your IndexGuru Project to Google Search Console

Grant IndexGuru access to your Google Search Console to enable URL indexing. Rest assured, this process is completely secure, and we prioritize safeguarding your data. Your trust is paramount.

Copy the email provided and click the "Search Console" button to proceed.

You'll be redirected to Google Search Console to finalize the configuration.

Step 5: Select the Correct Website and Open Settings

Ensure you select the correct website, then navigate to Settings.

Step 6: Navigate to User and Permissions

Simply click the button to access the user management page.

Step 7: Add Your IndexGuru Project Email

Click "Add User" and paste the email copied in Step 4.

Remember to assign the user as "Owner" for full access.

Step 8: Test the Configuration on IndexGuru

Return to IndexGuru to verify that the configuration is working correctly.

Step 9: Start Indexing!

Congratulations! You're now equipped to effortlessly index your URLs using IndexGuru!

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